Saturday, July 30, 2011

About me

  This is me. My name is Lindsey. I had a blog before, but in a crazy deleting phase, I deleted it. I've kind of been regretting it ever since, but I did feel that the old one was kind of just me rambling. Also, I'm a really paranoid person... and you know what they say about the internet.
  This time around I also really want to focus on the pictures. Taking good pictures is actually the reason I'm going to try blogging again. You can see my camera in this picture, and for those of you wondering... It's a Kodak Easy Share M753. That's all I really know about it... And I read that off of the back of the camera.
  Yes, I know that's a really fuzzy picture... but in my dimly lit bathroom last summer, that was as good as I could get. Why am I not using a more recent, better quality picture? Because all recent pictures of me have my husband or my dog in them. I've been married 5 years to my husband, Eric, and I've been a mommy to my dog, Pixie, for 3 years.
  Also, I really love to craft and bake. I hope to show both of these things in this blog about me!

Photography notes: I took this picture in  May 2010 and edited the brightness in July 2011 using GIMP. Hopefully I'll get better at taking and editing pictures as time goes by.

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