Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jewelry Exchange

Before we moved I went through our stuff to get rid of things I don't use so we didn't have to move them. I had A LOT of jewelry I didn't wear anymore, and I hate filling the landfill with things other people can use, so I started thinking of people I could give it to. Then I had the GENIUS idea to get together with my sisters so we could trade unworn jewelry. The idea grew and we ended up inviting our mom, grandma, and aunts for a Kath women jewelry trade. It was such a fun thing to do! My mom hosted and served chicken salad sandwiches. Very last minute I realized we'd need something to set everything on, so I got out some of my mom's dessert plates... Could have looked cooler if I would have taken more time and thought of it earlier, but it was still fun. This picture is just the earrings. The whole dining room table was filled with necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even anklets and some hair accessories.

Somehow this post turned into how easy editing photos can be... again... I'm just so shocked at how easy it is. The first picture is unedited, and the second is edited in GIMP 2.6. All I did was "colors", "levels", and "auto" just like I've done before. Not a HUGE difference but so, so simple. You can tell in the 'after' picture that the plates are much whiter.

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